Hi, I’m Jessica--a wife, mother of 3, former Army Officer, entrepreneur, and lover of Jesus--and I’m dedicated to helping you become a thriving Catholic.


Ever since I entered the Catholic Church in 2010 I’ve been fascinated by the concept of a fully integrated life--the idea that literally every aspect of your life could be ordered towards the glory of God, and thus, to your own human flourishing.  I knew that when I finished my second tour in Iraq, that I wanted to combine my passion for health and wellness with my love for Christ in a way that could help others thrive.


So I got out of the Army to start my family and to figure out what I wanted to be when I “grew up”.  I had a lot of false starts along the way--and I quickly realized that programs that involve the integration of healthy habits of body and mind with Catholicism weren’t actually all that easy to come by.   


I wasn’t sure where God was leading me or what I was meant to do.  


I didn’t expect to find the answer to that question through a battle with depression that left me reeling.  


About a year after the birth of my third child I was in an extremely dark place.  I felt hopeless, without purpose, and like my vocation as a wife and mother was somehow a waste of my life and potential.  Despite all I knew about healthy habits, I just couldn’t care enough to try anymore.  So I drank heavily, ate poorly, stopped exercising, and stayed up late binging TV.  I was angry all the time--at my husband, my kids, and especially at God, who I felt had duped me into a life that I felt trapped in.  


Thanks be to God that I had a wake-up call in the form of a good friend who bluntly told me that I was dealing with depression.  I knew that I had to do something before I did serious damage to every relationship that I held dear.  So I decided on a plan of attack that was focused on healing my brain.


I forced myself to step out in faith to do the things that I knew were good for me, trusting that in time I would start to feel better.  I stopped drinking, cut sugar, started exercising again, turned back to God, and rekindled my passions.  In order to support myself along the way, I inundated myself with scientific research about all the benefits of every strategy I undertook.  Books, podcasts, and articles in scientific journals all became fuel for my motivation to just. Keep. Going.  


And you know what?  By the time I finally had an appointment to see a therapist months later, she couldn’t figure out why I was even there.  “You seem like you’re doing great,” she said in baffled confusion.  And I was.  I had lost 30 lbs, regained my passion for life, and was enjoying a closer-than-ever relationship with my husband and kids. 


Look, if any of this sounds like you, you’re not alone.  So many of us struggle in secret every day with the anxiety and depression that are the scourge of our modern lives.


But you don’t have to.  I feel like God has inspired me to share my story and all that I have learned along the way so that I can help you win your own battles--and start to live the thriving and abundant life you were made for.


I formed A Thriving Catholic to integrate the truths of our faith with the current science on nutrition, exercise, sleep, productivity, psychology, and habit formation--my mission is to glean all the truth I can from various fields and share it with you in a way that will help you to optimize your life.  


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with love,