20 Simple Ways You Can Feel Happier Today

Updated: May 15

Who doesn’t want to feel happier?

It’s the universal quest that spurs each of us on each day and the deep desire that God himself has placed in our hearts--a longing that only he can fully satisfy.

But, while our ultimate happiness will come from our relationship with God (and eventually our eternal beatitude as saints in heaven), God has designed our bodies and brains to work in certain ways that we can tap into right now in order to feel happier.

And while God’s relationship with each human soul is unique and personal, there are some very universal truths that lead to human flourishing. Basically: what’s good for your body is also good for your brain--and thus your subjective feelings of happiness.

When trying to live a happier life, you can dive right in with the big things that impact your happiness: sleep more, get some daily exercise, eat better--in short, start taking really good care of yourself (you deserve it, after all). This will help balance out your feel-good brain chemicals and give you the best shot of feeling more happiness.

However...this can feel overwhelming--especially if you feel as though you’re barely scraping by right now.

The good news is: there are also lots of little “hacks” you can do to bring more joy into your days without making sweeping lifestyle changes. (Ideally, you’d both make changes to your lifestyle and incorporate these tips, but realistically, you have to start somewhere!)