30+ Easy and Healthy School Lunches

Plus a 2 Week Lunch Plan, Shopping Lists, and Printables that will make the necessary task of packing lunches waaay less daunting!

As summer's coming to an end and families everywhere are gearing up to send their kids back to school one big (and frankly, quite daunting!) task is: how to keep our kids eating healthy food while they're at school?

Or let’s be honest, in some cases get them to start eating healthy food in the first place!

(BTW, even if you're homeschooling, doing virtual school, or working from home, prepping a “lunch box” in advance and having it ready to go in the fridge is guaranteed to help your day run smoother--so these tips still apply to you!)

The challenge to feed ourselves nourishing food is hard enough at times, but the pressure can be extra-intense when we have to pack our kids’ lunch boxes everyday with stuff that we *hope* we won’t be unpacking again--in a slightly soggier form--at the end of the school day.

Not only that, school day mornings tend to be extremely hectic with the whole family rushing to get out the door on time. It can be tempting to throw a bunch of packaged food in a lunchbox and call it a day when it comes to packing kid’s lunches...I’m not judging you here--I’ve definitely done it! But along with the convenience of packaged foods also comes the cringing mom/dad-guilt about feeding our kids stuff that we know isn’t very good for them--even if it does happen to be the only thing that we think they’ll actually eat!

So how can we make it easier on ourselves and pack healthier lunch boxes that aren’t super-boring for our kids?