Help for the Most Hectic Time of the Year (aka Advent)

Can you believe that it’s almost Advent!?

I don’t know about you, but in my house, we’re still drowning in Halloween candy and trying to get our heads wrapped around Thanksgiving plans all while juggling school, sports, and work.

It always seems like Advent just sort of sneaks up on me and then I’m usually scrambling at the last minute to figure out how to make the most of this really special season. I always want to have a beautiful, peaceful, deeply spiritual Advent--but my reality tends to be something much more...chaotic.

Can you relate?

I have something super exciting to share with you in this post that I’m using to help with my family’s Advent plans this year!

But first I want to tell you about my latest project to eliminate a major source of stress for most moms all year long! (that's maybe just a wee bit worse when you're already so busy with Advent): Making healthy dinners for their families.

The truth is: it can be really hard to figure out healthy, family-friendly meal plans, and the weekly task of grocery shopping can be daunting. Not to mention that cooking is just not everyone’s favorite recreational activity...

But have no fear, I have created something that I think will help you out immensely: A Thriving Catholic Cookbook.

What!? You may be thinking, I don’t need another cookbook, I need someone to come to my house and make dinner for me every night!

I hear you! (And I totally would cook for you if I could...but there is only one of me, after all…)

So, I decided to do the next best thing.

I set out to create a resource that would give you meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes in one convenient place along with all of the time-saving tips and strategies that I’ve developed over the last decade-plus of cooking for my family.

It wasn’t until I’d written out everything that I realized what I’d created was actually a cookbook--not exactly what I set out to do, but I think you’ll find it helpful!

In A Thriving Catholic Cookbook you get:

  • 4 Weeks of Gluten-Free, Family Friendly Meal Plans (28 dinners total)

  • Corresponding Shopping Lists for each week (segmented by grocery store sections)

  • Tips and best practices in each recipe to save you time

  • The Thriving for Life Diet principles that will radically improve your health

  • Tips on how to find time for home cooking

The recipes I included in A Thriving Catholic Cookbook are some of my family’s favorites (read: kid-tested) and are simple enough for even beginner cooks to make.

I’m honestly pretty excited about it and I think you’ll love it too. You can get your copy here for $19: A Thriving Catholic Cookbook

Or, for $25, you could get 32 more Catholic products too!

This is what I was so excited to share with you today :) For 5 days only, 33 Catholic small businesses have pooled together their best resources for moms in the Advent 2021 Catholic Mom Bundle.

We have easy, open-and-go, products for liturgical living, personal faith, emotional health, catechesis, creativity, family prayer, home management, decorating--and more!. Some of the resources include printables, workbooks, courses, and videos.

The total value of this all-digital bundle is $474. But that’s pretty out of reach for moms on a budget. That’s why we want to offer it to you at a crazy low price: $25.

The sale ends November 12th at midnight, so now is the time to buy!

I seriously do not want you to miss this limited-time event!

Check out everything in the bundle today. After November 12th, it’s gone for good.

I really hope that some of these resources will help you have your best (least stressful) Advent yet!

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