Moms Need to Eat Too

If you’re a mom, then you’re probably all too familiar with meeting incessant snack demands from your kids. But how are you managing your own snack needs?

Many moms either:

  1. Don’t plan to have a snack themselves and then end up “grazing” throughout the day

  2. Don’t plan to have a snack and then end up all out bingeing in the pantry between meals

  3. Just eat whatever is left in their kids’ lunchboxes

  4. Decide that grown-up snacks can be cookies because you make the rules around here

  5. Assume that moms are machines that can run without food...and then wonder why they’re so tired and cranky

There are no judgments here...I’ve definitely done all of these things!

The truth is: moms need quick grab-and-go snack options--that aren’t too fussy to make and that will also be nourishing (since parenting is a tough gig and you’re body needs all the help it can get!)

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