Productivity Principles Every Mom Needs

Feel like you can't get anything accomplished? Try some of these proven productivity principles.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re dodging toys, shoes, books, and kitchen tongs (how’d those get there?) on your way to your bed after another long and exhausting day of kid-wrangling. You try to pray a quick evening examen, but you literally cannot remember what even happened today. It’s just a blur of cleaning messes, separating sibling battles, and preparing endless amounts of food. You don’t even want to look at the to-do list you made for today because it feels more like a wish list at this point (and besides, it would take a genie to help you cross anything off of it!).

Somehow you didn’t get ANYTHING you meant to do accomplished today--even though you're pretty sure you didn’t sit down once. The overflowing laundry basket taunts you from the corner as the negative voice in your head tells you, “Who are you even kidding by thinking you could do more than wipe butts today?”

You’re torn between wanting to pursue your own passions and dreams and feeling guilty for even considering it during “this season of life”. The advice to just lower your standards or to accept that you’re just not going to get very much done while you have little kids makes you want to scream in frustration. I mean,

Is it too much to ask to unload the dishwasher and read 10 pages of a book without being interrupted!?

Or maybe you’ve been at work all day, trying to function on 6 hours of fragmented sleep all while trying to act like you got as much sleep as your boss (who obviously doesn’t have a teething toddler...). You rush out of work as soon as you can to pick up your kids from school and daycare--feeling like a slacker employee for having to be the first one to leave the office...but then again, you can’t be late for after-school pick-up again!